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Periodontal Scaling


We offer an essential dental procedure known as periodontal scaling, alternatively referred to as deep cleaning or root planing. This non-surgical technique is designed to effectively eliminate plaque, tartar, and bacteria situated beneath the gumline and on the root surfaces of your teeth. By targeting these concerns, we play a pivotal role in combatting gum disease, scientifically referred to as periodontal disease, and fostering optimal gum health.

Why should I have Periodontal Scaling

  1. Gum Disease Care at Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry: Our specialized approach to gum disease treatment involves periodontal scaling, a crucial procedure aimed at combatting gum-related issues. By targeting the removal of plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria that contribute to gum inflammation and infection, we lay the foundation for healthier gums and stronger supporting structures.
  2. Rediscover Gum Vitality: Our periodontal scaling not only addresses existing concerns but also fosters gum rejuvenation. Through the meticulous removal of accumulated plaque and calculus, we facilitate gum healing and reattachment to the teeth. This rejuvenation process enhances gum health and minimizes the depth of gum pockets, simplifying the maintenance of impeccable oral hygiene.
  3. Safeguarding Your Smile: At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, we recognize that gum disease can pose a substantial risk to tooth retention among adults. With our effective scaling treatment, we substantially diminish the likelihood of tooth loss. By safeguarding the integrity and stability of your teeth and their supportive structures, we ensure your smile stands the test of time.
  4. Beyond Your Smile: We understand the profound connection between gum health and overall well-being. Scientific evidence links gum disease to systemic health conditions, including cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, respiratory issues, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Our meticulous scaling approach contributes to the prevention and alleviation of these potential complications.
  5. Elevating Oral Hygiene: Following our scaling procedure, maintaining optimal oral hygiene becomes a more streamlined endeavor. Reduced accumulation of plaque and calculus simplifies the process of thorough teeth and gum cleansing, effectively lowering the risk of future gum-related problems and dental complications.

Experience the transformative power of gum disease treatment and periodontal scaling at Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry. Elevate your oral health journey with us today.

Procedure Practise

At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, our comprehensive periodontal scaling procedure is expertly carried out by our skilled dental hygienists and periodontists. The process entails several crucial stages:

  1. Assessment: Before commencing the scaling process, our experienced dental professionals will meticulously evaluate the gum disease’s extent by utilizing a periodontal probe to measure gum pocket depth. This assessment aids in determining the condition’s severity and identifying specific areas necessitating scaling.
  2. Precision Scaling: Our dedicated team conducts precise plaque, tartar (calculus), and bacteria removal from both above and below the gumline, ensuring thoroughness. Manual scaling instruments or an ultrasonic scaler are employed for this purpose. Our dental experts diligently cleanse tooth and root surfaces, effectively eradicating accumulated plaque and calculus.
  3. Root Refinement: Root planing, a vital phase, involves smoothing rough sections of tooth roots. This technique enhances the eradication of residual bacteria while facilitating gum reattachment to the teeth. By preventing future plaque buildup, this step actively contributes to gum healing.
  4. Antimicrobial Care: In select instances, we may apply antimicrobial agents or antibiotic gels to treated areas, further eliminating any lingering bacteria and promoting a swift healing process.
  5. Continued Care and Sustenance: Following the scaling procedure, our proficient dental team imparts meticulous instructions on maintaining oral hygiene, encompassing optimal brushing, and flossing techniques. We also recommend regular dental check-ups for ongoing monitoring and maintenance, ensuring your enduring oral well-being.

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