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Introducing Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, where we specialize in crafting dental crowns, or dental caps, tailored to your unique needs. These personalized restorations are expertly created to envelop and shield compromised or weakened teeth, effectively rejuvenating their form, dimension, robustness, and visual appeal. Our adeptly crafted dental crowns serve as a dependable method to fortify and shield teeth that have endured substantial decay, fractures, or root canal therapy. Elevating both the functionality and beauty of your smile, these enduring and resilient solutions exemplify our commitment to your oral well-being.

Why should I have Dental Crowns?

Introducing Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, where we specialize in restoring and enhancing your oral health:

  1. Reviving Tooth Function: At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, we proudly offer dental crowns as a functional remedy for weakened, cracked, or extensively decayed teeth. By enveloping the tooth, our expertly crafted crowns reestablish its resilience and structural soundness, empowering you to bite, chew, and communicate with certainty. Moreover, our crowns provide a shield for the underlying tooth, deterring any additional harm or fractures.
  2. Elevating Aesthetics: With a keen eye for aesthetics, our dental crowns are meticulously fashioned to closely emulate the appearance of your natural teeth. Every crown is custom-made, meticulously mirroring the shade, contour, and proportions of your existing teeth, ensuring seamless integration with your smile. This transformative approach can significantly enhance your smile’s allure by concealing teeth marred by discoloration, stubborn stains, or irregularities.
  3. Enduring Strength: At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, our dental crowns are meticulously crafted from premium materials, such as porcelain, ceramic, or resilient metal alloys. This careful selection ensures their robustness and enduring longevity. With attentive maintenance, a well-crafted crown from us can stand the test of time, bestowing you with a trustworthy and enduring restoration for your precious tooth.
  4. Shielding post Root Canal Therapy: Following root canal treatment, a tooth often becomes delicate and susceptible to fractures. Our dental crowns emerge as a reliable remedy to fortify and safeguard such teeth, enabling them to function naturally while acting as a barrier against reinfection and further impairment.
  5. Unmatched Flexibility: At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, the versatility of dental crowns knows no bounds. Our adept team employs them to mend extensively decayed or impaired teeth, mask misshapen or stained teeth, bridge gaps between teeth, and even provide foundational support for dental bridges.
  6. Supreme Comfort and Stability: Our dental crowns are meticulously designed to fit snugly over your treated tooth, delivering a restoration that is both comfortable and stable. Once the crown is meticulously positioned and bonded, it seamlessly integrates into your dental landscape, granting you the freedom to enjoy meals, converse, and beam with confidence.

Procedure Practise

Experience the exceptional care of Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry during the dental crown placement process. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Sarbjeet Singh & Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, ensures your comfort and satisfaction at every step. Here’s an overview of the procedure:

  1. Initial Examination and Treatment Planning: When you visit our practice, our dentists will carefully assess your tooth’s condition. We’ll explore treatment choices, which may involve a dental crown, and address any inquiries you may have. X-rays or advanced digital scans may be used to analyze the tooth’s structure and surrounding areas.
  2. Precise Tooth Preparation: To guarantee a perfect crown fit, our skilled team will delicately prepare your tooth by gently removing a thin enamel layer from all sides. This creates the ideal space for the crown’s placement. In cases of extensive decay or damage, we may need to remove additional tooth structure.
  3. Impression or Digital Scanning: Following tooth preparation, we’ll take an impression using dental putty or a digital scanner. This impression acts as a model for crafting your personalized crown. Expert technicians at our partner dental laboratory meticulously create the crown, considering precise details like shape, size, and shade.
  4. Temporary Crown Application: As your permanent crown takes shape, we’ll fit a temporary crown to shield the prepared tooth. Crafted from temporary materials, this crown safeguards your tooth until your final restoration is ready.
  5. Seamless Crown Fitting and Bonding: Once your tailored crown is complete, return to our office for placement. We’ll remove the temporary crown and ensure the fit, color, and appearance of the permanent crown meet our high standards. With a precise fit confirmed, the crown is securely bonded using advanced dental cement or adhesive. Our team will make any necessary adjustments to guarantee a natural look and comfortable bite.

At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, your smile’s health and beauty are our top priorities throughout the crown placement process.

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