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Composite Fillings


We specialize in utilizing composite fillings, also referred to as tooth-colored or white fillings, a widely embraced and successful dental solution designed to repair teeth affected by decay or cavities. Diverging from the conventional silver amalgam fillings, our composite fillings consist of a blend of tooth-hued resin materials, including plastic and glass particles. This innovative approach ensures a remarkable likeness to the genuine shade of your teeth, delivering a flawless and visually appealing outcome.

Why should I have Composite Fillings

Experience the Beauty of a Healthy Smile with Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry’s Composite Fillings

  1. Enhance Your Smile: At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, we proudly offer aesthetically pleasing composite fillings that surpass traditional amalgam fillings in terms of appearance. These tooth-colored fillings seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, ensuring a restoration that is virtually invisible. Our composite fillings are an excellent choice, particularly for visible areas of the mouth where maintaining an attractive smile is of utmost importance.
  2. Preserve Your Teeth: Embracing a conservative approach, our composite fillings stand apart from amalgam fillings. Unlike their counterparts, our composite fillings necessitate the removal of only the decayed portion of the tooth. This approach preserves more of your precious natural tooth structure, promoting both the health and longevity of your teeth.
  3. Unmatched Versatility: Discover the versatility of composite fillings available at Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry. Beyond treating cavities, our composite fillings excel at repairing chipped, cracked, or worn teeth. Meticulously shaped and molded, they seamlessly replicate the original tooth structure, ensuring a restoration that is resilient and enduring.
  4. Robust Bonding: The composite material utilized in our fillings forms a steadfast bond directly with the tooth. This results in a restoration of remarkable strength and durability. The secure bonding further reinforces the tooth structure, significantly minimizing the risk of future damage or fractures.
  5. Enhanced Comfort: Experience reduced sensitivity with our composite fillings, as they are less likely to induce temperature sensitivity in comparison to conventional metal amalgam fillings. Their resilience to expansion and contraction due to temperature changes helps avert potential tooth fractures.
  6. Mercury-Free Excellence: Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry’s composite fillings proudly steer clear of mercury. This alternative presents a safer and more biocompatible option, ensuring peace of mind, especially for individuals who prioritize holistic dental treatments or have concerns about mercury exposure.

Procedure Practise

At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, our skilled team led by Dr. Sarbjeet Singh and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar will guide you through the meticulous process of dental restoration:

  1. Evaluation and Preparations: Our experienced dentists will carefully examine the affected tooth, evaluating the extent of the decay. To ensure your utmost comfort, a local anesthesia option may be administered. The decayed portion of the tooth is skillfully removed, creating a pristine foundation for the upcoming filling procedure.
  2. Optimal Shade Matching: Achieving a seamless, natural look is our priority. Your dedicated dentist will thoughtfully choose a shade of composite resin that harmonizes flawlessly with your existing teeth. This thoughtful selection guarantees a filling that blends discreetly with your radiant smile.
  3. Precise Bonding and Layering: To establish a resilient connection between the tooth and the filling material, our experts begin by conditioning the prepared tooth with a gentle etching solution. A robust bonding agent follows, ensuring a secure attachment. The composite resin is then expertly applied in successive layers, each layer being solidified using a specialized curing light.
  4. Artful Sculpting and Polishing: With an eye for detail, our dentists meticulously sculpt the filling material to attain the desired shape and alignment, guaranteeing an ideal bite. The filling is skillfully polished to achieve a glossy, refined finish reminiscent of your natural tooth enamel. 

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