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Dental Procedures For Kids

Checkup & Cleaning

At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, we encourage regular visits to ensure the optimal oral health of your child. Scheduling check-ups and cleanings every 4-6 months allows us to closely monitor your child’s dental well-being. Our skilled dentist conducts a comprehensive examination during each visit, evaluating the condition of your child’s teeth, gums, and overall oral hygiene. As part of the process, x-rays may be taken to detect any potential cavities. Additionally, we perform thorough teeth cleaning and polishing, along with applying fluoride to aid in cavity prevention. Before you depart, we take the time to discuss and reinforce effective oral hygiene practices that can be followed at home.

Dental Fillings

At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, we address dental concerns with tailored solutions. Minor cavities or those found on front teeth are often treated using white composite fillings, while more substantial cavities affecting back teeth and molars may require stainless steel caps. These caps offer added protection, particularly for permanent teeth, safeguarding them from potential future problems. We advise maintaining your child’s oral hygiene by promptly cleaning their teeth after snacks and meals, reducing the likelihood of requiring dental fillings.

Sports Guards

Introducing Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry! If your child is involved in a contact sport, ensuring the safety of their teeth, gums, and smile becomes paramount. Kick off with a personalized mouth guard from us – it’s the ideal first step for comprehensive protection. Our meticulously crafted mouth guards offer a snug fit and are available in a range of vibrant colors.

Dental Sedation

At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, we understand that children can sometimes be apprehensive. That’s why we take pride in offering dental sedation to ensure both you and your child feel more at ease during the various dental procedures we provide.

Dental Sealants

where we offer a dental solution known as sealants. These protective coatings are skillfully applied to the indentations of teeth, mainly targeting molars aged 6 years and above. By effectively barring food particles from lodging in the fissures and depressions of your child’s teeth, our sealants play a crucial role in cavity prevention. This straightforward and gentle procedure ensures your child’s comfort while safeguarding their oral health.

Space Maintainer

At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, we understand the vital functions of baby teeth prior to their natural shedding. Among their crucial responsibilities, one is to preserve adequate space for the eventual growth of permanent teeth. In instances where a baby tooth is prematurely lost, our practice may recommend the use of an appliance or a specialized “spacer” to guarantee the optimal alignment and unhindered eruption of adult teeth.

Dental Emergencies

At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, we recognize that youngsters often possess a carefree and less cautious approach compared to adults. Our understanding of the inevitability of accidents in children’s lives drives us to provide swift assistance. Whenever an unexpected dental emergency or trauma occurs with your child, don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away. We are committed to promptly accommodating you in our schedule to address the situation as effectively as possible.

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